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So about 10 years ago, I started writing a natural hair blog. I had moved back to Nigeria and succumbed to a relaxer after a 7-year natural hair journey, because my products were doing nothing for my hair in the Lagos humidity. I regretted it immediately and started transitioning back to natural straight away.

In this time I began to do some in-depth research into kinky hair ... some could call me obsessed. But none of the products I read about or wanted to try were available here. There were literally no suitable products available in Nigeria at the time ... and so Kinky Apothecary was born.

The last 10 years, have been a whirlwind of product sales and natural hair events, starting a movement and building a community, deepening my knowledge of products and my understanding of the needs of my fellow Nigerian women. 

It’s never been just hair. It’s so much more than that. I wanted to contribute to shattering Eurocentric beauty ideals, and help build a world where our natural hair as grows out of our scalps was normalised. I wanted to create an inspirational platform where other dark-skinned, kinky-haired women like myself, who were (and still are for the most part) so often overlooked in mainstream media, could be celebrated. The feeling of being able to help another black woman look in the mirror and not only be comfortable with what she sees, but actually feel pride in what we have been taught for centuries to disguise, is indescribable.

In those 10 years, the Nigerian natural hair scene has blown up. The market is flooded with natural hair bloggers, companies and products, and that is just amazing! Except it means you’re probably even MORE confused about what to use, right?   

Don't worry ... we have come up with a solution that promises to revolutionise your natural hair experience, and we are literally just about to launch.

Request an invitation (here) for early access.

I am beyond excited to welcome you to the new Kinky Apothecary family!


- Nibi Lawson, FOUNDER

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